• 13:47:27
  • Oct 30, 2019
  • jeanninelee

Fire–Metaphor for Love

Years ago I worked with a couple who very different from each other. She was vivacious, outgoing and people friendly. She so wanted her h... Read More
  • 03:54:09
  • Sep 26, 2019
  • jeanninelee

Authentic Man; Authentic Woman

Full masculine. Full feminine.  What does that mean, exactly?  And why is it so rare - to be it, or even see it?  Like a beautiful multic... Read More
  • 23:17:57
  • Mar 24, 2010
  • jeanninelee

Friendship – The root and ground of relationship wisdom

As a child I remember how the words, "I'm not going to be your friend anymore!" devastated my little heart. The world may as well have ... Read More
  • 12:47:47
  • Mar 24, 2010
  • jeanninelee

Living and Loving Authentically

It's a blustery winter morning.  I think it's above freezing, but just barely. The  winter months we've had so far are beginning to take ... Read More
  • 13:23:20
  • Jan 25, 2009
  • jeanninelee

When the Right Thing Goes Wrong

This is amazing.  How could this happen?  The other day I ran into a little old lady with my bike.  The whole thing was slower than slow ... Read More
  • 00:40:27
  • Dec 23, 2008
  • jeanninelee

Hooking up or dating?

One's approach to sexuality is the same as any decision. Outside of straight intuition, which can be muddied when desire is strong, it's ... Read More