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  • Nov 16, 2019
  • jeanninelee

I received a great lesson the other day. I was heading into Whole Foods and a woman broke a jar of something on the sidewalk. It hit with a splintering crash. A young man about my son’s age said, “Sounds expensive, doesn’t it?” We laughed. I was in no particular hurry so we talked a little longer. He asked, “You don’t happen to have a couple of dollars, do you?”  Turns out his hotel room had been burglarized and his wallet, credit cards etc. were stolen. He’d spent the night in his truck with the engine running to stay warm and ran it out of gas. The store where his truck was parked was threatening to tow it away. “Sounds just like a movie doesn’t it?” I chose to believe him. 

I opened my wallet

I had two $20’s, a $5 and a few ones. Even though I could’ve given him more than $2, I gave him what he’d asked. If he’d asked for $5, I don’t know what I would have done—probably given it to him because that was the lesson. He was so much like my son my heart went out to him. 

I was waiting for an appointment so decided to wait in the Whole Foods parking lot for a while. I was parked in the way back row and watched this young man’s timid attempts to ask for money. “I’ve never asked for money before” he’d told me. I watched him walk up to cars and turn away, follow people out of the store and say nothing. It was painful to watch. 

Be Bold! Ask for what you need

After about a half an hour I needed to go, I took the $5 out of my wallet and drove past him. “How’s it going?” “Not very well.” I handed him the $5 and said, “Be bold. Ask for what you need.” 

As I drove away I thought of the many times I’ve avoided asking for what I need, how many times I’ve felt undeserving or like a bother, and asked if I asked at all, I asked for far less than what I really needed. I have rarely been outright refused, Spirit gives me exactly what I ask for…but no more. Just like I gave that young man exactly what he asked for. Touche’!

I know what I have to do now

I get to prompt my mind to incorporate this beautiful lesson in giving and receiving, to be extravagant in my asking, knowing I’ll get exactly that.

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